Moda Flame Valencia Wall Mounted Fireplace GF101650

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Moda Flame Valencia Wall Mounted Fireplace is perfectly compatible with any modern or conventional home. It is vent-less and burns ethanol. 


This fireplace can be wall-mounted or recessed. Its sophisticated stainless steel design and dual-layer 430 stainless steel burners, each capacity 1.5 liters, seem like a visual wonder when lit as the dancing flames appear breath-taking. 

This indoor wall-mounted recessed fireplace does not need any electricity, gas, chimney, or gel cans and is vent-free and pollution-free. 

It is a perfect gift item as it accomplishes the purpose of a decorative item, heats the living area effectively, and is compatible with any room. 

Moda Flame Valencia Wall Mounted Fireplace

The burners can be decorated with glass or crystals, but they should not be covered as they interfere with controlling the flame. Instead, you may use ceramic pebbles or logs. 

There should be a minimum of 30 inches distance while inserting next to the combustible product. The fuel emits odor while burning, but it isn’t crucial. 

Otherwise, this is a fantastic product. The stainless steel design makes this product look solid as well as sophisticated.

Moda Flame Valencia Wall Mounted Fireplace Specifications:

  • Moda flame Valencia pro wall mounted ethanol fireplace is finished with stainless steel with dimensions 43.3 Width X 19.7 Height X 7.8 Depth in inches and 110Width X 50 Height X19.8 Depth in cm.
  • Its bioethanol fireplace burner inserts are of 1.5-liter capacity, each with a stainless steel making.
  • It is an entirely vent-free bioethanol fireplace perfectly suitable for any modern or traditional household.
  • BTU:12,000 with flame:12-14 inches and its high burn time is 4-6 hours approximately per refill
  • This indoor wall mount recessed fireplace does not require electricity, gas, chimney, or gel cans. The use of Modaflame bioethanol fireplace fuel is recommended for fuel use.

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Customer Feedback:

Moda Flame Valencia Wall Mounted Fireplace got an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Its classic and sturdy design with sophisticated functioning made this piece perfectly suitable for all kinds of homes. Its dual-layer burner with dancing flames adds to the ambiance of the place. This fireplace is regarded as a perfect fireplace as it is a very efficient room warmer. 

Moda Flame Valencia Wall Mounted Fireplace

Moda Flame Valencia Wall Mounted Fireplace Pros And Cons

The Pros

It gives efficient and adequate warmth in a lesser time. This product is appreciated as an excellent gift item. It looks sophisticated; besides, it provides superior warmth to the room faster—most customers like this fireplace for its easy installation, efficient heat, and elegant look. 

The Cons

But some of the customers commented that the fireplace looks tricky and inefficient as brackets are not provided for mounting it on the wall. 

Most customers love this product for its easy installation and stylish look but odor emitted while burning the fuel at a negligible level is another drawback for this fireplace.


To conclude, this Moda flame Valencia pro wall mounted ethanol fireplace stands as a perfect fireplace for its sophisticated looks and efficient functioning. It is compatible with traditional as well as modern households.

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