Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert 26000 BTU

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Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert is compatible with building a custom fireplace or can be paired with a face mantel or recessed directly into a wall of the home. 

This product includes remote control functions and an oxygen depletion sensor with automatic shut-off, battery-assisted Piezo ignition, and much more. 

Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert radiates 26,000 BTU of heat sufficient to warm a room space of 1,350 Square Feet using natural gas or liquid propane as fuel.

Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert 26000 BTU

This insert does not require electricity as it works on batteries and even works on manual mode if the batteries run out. It is perfect for areas without electricity and works efficiently even when the power goes out. 

This product stands as a piece to enhance the aesthetic look of the room besides providing warmth for an extended period. 

It can be customized to fit the existing fireplace or can be used in recessed mode. This is a full-fledged fireplace insert provided with fire logs, a thermostat, and remote control.

Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert Specifications

  • Heat up to 26,000 BTU 
  • Sufficient for space of 1,350 Square Feet
  • Remote control with on/off & temperature control
  • Five realistic hand-painted ceramic fire logs
  • Contains vent free zero clearance fireplace insert
  • Blower sold separately model #FIB100
Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert 26000 BTU

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Customer Feedback

Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert got a 4 out of 5 stars rating from customers. The customers like this product for its dual-fuel mode and compatible design, which is helpful when used with a custom fireplace or recessed on a wall. 

Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert Pros And Cons

The Pros

The flames appear beautiful, and the warmth is soothing. The design of this product makes it seem more expensive than it is. 

Dual fuel mode is a more positive property to this product as this does not require electricity and goes well even if the power goes out. 

The Cons

The drawback of this product is its complex installation and inadequate packaging of the product. 

Some of the customers complained that the remote control assembling was damaged during shipping. Otherwise, this product functions smoothly in giving warmth, similar to a sophisticated fireplace that burns ethanol. 

Duluth Forge Fireplace Insert 26000 BTU

Some customers complained about lousy odor released during burning as this insert uses natural gas. However, the smell does not contain poisonous gases like Carbon Monoxide. 

Some customers complained that the instructions to use the blower seemed messy, and the manual mode worked well compared to the battery remote control. 

Though this product’s installation and remote control functionality are not up to the mark, the dual-fuel mode, more burning time, and efficient and faster warming of the room are assets.


To conclude, Duluth forges dual fuel vent free fireplace insert got considerable positive feedback from the customers by its dual-fuel mode, sophisticated look, and efficient functioning.