LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Fireplace IF1500-DOFP

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Lifesmart lifepro infrared fireplace gives even warmth to the room from ceiling to the floor. It is useful for heating a normal-sized bedroom, that is, 150 square feet. 


It accomplishes supplement warmth to the household reducing the utility costs. This heater uses infrared technology similar to that of a toaster. The design of this heater functions as an additive to the existing heating system of a house. 

These serve at their best in single insulated rooms or garages. This fireplace keeps the space cozy besides reducing maintenance costs. This heater is a perfect replacement for wooden fireplaces.

LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Fireplace

Infrared technology effectively reduces utility costs and uses less energy. It is not an efficient heater but goes well when you sit closer to it. 

This fireplace produces warmth and recreates the ambiance of realistic flames. This fireplace brings a fashionable look and compatibility as it is a portable and efficient warmer up to a smaller area, a normal-sized bedroom of 150 square feet.

LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Fireplace Specifications

  • Technology is that of a toaster.
  • It reduces utility costs and uses less energy.
  • Works well with insulated rooms
  • Suitable for 150 square feet.
  • The heater comes with a power cord of 6 feet.
  • It has three commercial-grade infrared quartz elements
  • Rated at 1500w/5100BTUs
  • Its dimensions are 30X25.5X13.5 inches.

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Customer Feedback

This fireplace got 4.4 out of 5 stars considering customer review rating.

This fireplace greatly appreciated its portability, easy installation, easy maintenance, and affordable cost. 

This heater is an excellent gift item, and the flames look realistic though the fireplace works on infrared technology and heats up to a smaller area. This heater is a lovely fireplace for houses that do not have a built-in fireplace.

LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Fireplace

LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Fireplace Pros And Cons

The Pros

This fireplace is helpful as a supplement to existing heating systems. This model is not an efficient heater but goes well up to a smaller area, and sitting near it on a cold evening is a good experience. 

Its thermostat is accurate, the build is fashionable, the functioning is friendly, and it is easy to install a hassle-free fireplace. The portable feature is an added asset to this fireplace. 

This device is a gorgeous fireplace that makes the room cozy and fashionable. It is a safe fireplace that consumes less energy and saves utility costs.

The Cons

The negative points of this product noticed by some customers are that the packaging is terrible, operating instructions are messy, and remote control functioning is poor.


This fireplace is an excellent product to replace wooden fireplaces as it is hassle-free, saves utility costs, and uses less energy. 

The customers got a positive response for its easy installation, gorgeous look, friendly functioning, affordable price, and portability. The heater is a well worth fireplace. Most of the customers liked it with fewer demerits.