Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner EPB4015

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Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner is a considerable alternative for traditional coal or wood fireplaces, useful to place indoor or outdoor. 


It is provided with a 1.5 liters burner insert that gives the maximum time of 4-6 hours of burning per one refill of ethanol. 

It is solid, consistent, and is pollution-free as it does not leave any residue or soot after burning. This does not require any gas or electrical lines and is a perfect replacement for gas fireplaces

 This can be considered as an alternative for traditional fireplaces in offices also, as it is provided with a glass barrier and flexible slides that enhance the novelty and safety of the place.

This product is an attractive element if it is placed on a dining table when simple care is taken to handle it. Care should be taken to refill the fuel container when placed on a hardwood floor.  

It does not require ceramic wool. This is a safe and compatible burner to be used in traditional fireplaces or tabletop firepots when compared to gas or electric fireplaces.

Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner Specifications

  • Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner is finished with stainless steel
  • Its dimensions are 13 Width X 9 Height X 7 Depth in inches approximately.
  • It is provided with a 1.5 liters burner insert which gives nearly 4-6 hours of burning time and 14-16 inches of flame.
  • Burns ethanol and is smoke-free and non-toxic and does not require power, gas, chimney, or gel cans, and is ventless
  • It is provided with the facility to adjust the flame
  • It is easily adaptable to any type of environment wherever we need a fireplace
  • BTU:6,000
Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner

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Customer Feedback

15 customer reviews are available for Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner.

Most of the customers accepted this product when they have to replace their conventional fireplaces like coal or wood fireplaces. The dancing flames attracted many of them which are added with a feature of adjusting the flame. 

Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner The Pros

The Pros

As it leaves no soot, smoke, or residues, it is compatible with all the places wherever we want to set a fireplace. It suits to be placed on the dining table or patio table. 

Some of the customers expressed a doubt that whether it can be used outdoors, the manufacturer clarified that it serves its best when used indoors rather than outdoors. 

Some customers opted to use denatured spirit as the fuel but it goes better on ethanol. Some of the customers considered the use of ethanol available outside as it is cheaper compared to fuel sold by the manufacturers. 

Some of the customers said they arranged a number of ethanol fireplace burners in a row to enjoy the elegant look of the place with dancing flames. 

The Cons

The negative point with this product is that flames cannot be extinguished when needed and the product‘s edges are getting hot when the fireplace is on that seems dangerous.


Coming to conclusion, Moda Flame Pro Insert Fireplace Burner is considered a pollution-free and compatible substitute for traditional fireplaces in all types of environments at an affordable cost with fewer demerits.

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