Elite Flame Linox Ventless Bioethanol Fireplace

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Elite flame linox ventless bioethanol fireplace brings an elegant look to any room with its sleek stainless design. Its three-burner flame brings an aesthetic statement to any household. It can be mounted at 12 inches above the floor, and to guard against kids or pets; it can be mounted even higher. It gives sufficient heat to a standard size bedroom. We can mount it on any wall. If recessing this fireplace, the wall should be opened; the studs should be cut out and reinforced into a box to make a non-combustible closet. A cement or hardy board can be used as a base to recess this fireplace in a wall.

This fireplace is an ethanol fireplace that does not require any electricity or gas and is vent-free and hassle-free, and has no need of using chimney or gel cans. It does not have a switch like an electric fireplace, but the flames can be controlled by moving the slides of the damper.

Elite flame bioethanol is recommended as fireplace fuel.

Product Key Features:

  • Elite flame linox ventless bioethanol fireplace is a ventless ethanol wall mounted recessed fireplace finished in stainless steel with dimensions 53.5 Width x 21.3 Height x 5.7 Depth in inches
  • It is a completely vent free ethanol fireplace and suits perfectly for conventional or modern homes
  • This indoor ethanol wall mount recessed fireplace requires no electricity, gas or chimney, or gel cans.
  • It has three burner inserts of 1.5-liter capacity, and these burners are made of dual-layered 430 stainless steel
Elite Flame Linox Ventless Bioethanol Fireplace

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Customers Feedback for Elite Flame Linox Fireplace

Elite flame linox ventless bioethanol fireplace has substantially positive feedback.

Most customers are impressed by its sophisticated look and efficient functioning with its warm enough for a standard-sized bedroom. This unit looks fantastic and pleasant and can be recommended for any house that lacks a built-in fireplace. 

Most customers consider this unit an excellent gift item for its stylish look and exceptional functioning. The fuel can be filled quickly into the reservoir. As this fireplace burns on ethanol, it gives a maximal clean burning with a negligible level of odor. This product is appreciated as a lovely recessed fireplace at an affordable cost. This product looks sophisticated than its actual price. Some customers commented that inadequate packaging and extinguishing flames are complicated, and the flame is not continuous. Installing this fireplace took a long time, remarked some of the customers.

This product got an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.


To conclude, this product got a remarkable positive response for its stylish, sleek design, efficient warmth, and affordable price.  This fireplace is loved by the customers and is considered an excellent gift.